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In these difficult times, mindfulness can be an invaluable intervention tool to help reduce stress and enable us to cope better with life. It can also make us more aware of every domain of our life, helping us see clearer things that have been beneath the radar of our awareness for many years. 


Medway Mindfulness is now offering a 'deepening practice' course  

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Learning to Live

Mindfulness Course

Audio Meditations

Week 1

Week 1Barry
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Barry Linney is a listed teacher with the UK Mindfulness Network


With over 4 decades of scientific research behind it, mindfulness has been shown to intensify our confidence, improve our sense of well-being and strengthen our attention = all vital to being socially intelligent.

As part of our weekly meditations on zoom, I've been doing a series based on Rick Hanson's work. Here is the one from 27th June. The others to follow.

“Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), is highly effective at training greater awareness of how we entangle ourselves in suffering through such habits as operating in auto-pilot, being attached to “doing mode,” overreacting to stressors, and so on. Through daily meditation practice, the psychological cost of these problematic patterns can become clear. Empowered by this greater awareness, we learn to interrupt automatic reactions, step back from difficult thoughts and feelings, and respond to challenges with greater insight and intention.” Joe Flanders


Joe Flanders, Ph.D., is the founder and director of Mindspace, where he works as a

psychologist, mindfulness teacher, and consultant.